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Hello from our team at OBGYN West! See what’s new and find something helpful to you.

Care for the Whole You, Under One Roof: ObGyn and Primary Care
We’re excited to introduce you to family medicine and women’s health specialist, Dr. Gretchen Soberay, who joined our team last fall. Now, receive whole woman care with the convenience of primary care AND your GYN care at the same clinic. Like our ObGyn team, Dr. Soberay provides comprehensive care for women and girls. She also cares for such concerns as sinus infections, skin conditions, high blood pressure, heart health, and digestive concerns. Watch Dr. Soberay talk about why she loves helping women of any age be and stay healthy.
Appointments: 952-249-2000.
Dr. Gregg Teigen to Leave OBGYN West
After 27 years at OBGYN West, Dr. Teigen leaves our practice, effective May 10. We are sad to see him go and we wish him well in his next adventure. Read his letter to patients. Despite his departure, you will be in excellent hands at OBGYN West and our team looks forward to continuing your care. We’re passionate about keeping you healthy and are confident you will find a physician, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner who is a fit for you. Learn more about our team.
New Moms & Moms-to-Be:
Virtual No-cost Physical Therapy

If you’re a new mom or a mom-to-be, take advantage of two free virtual physical therapy (PT) consultations offered by our PT partner, Motion. Meet with a physical therapist in your second trimester and again postpartum. During these visits, an OB and pelvic health physical therapist will talk with you about ways to support your body and health
during pregnancy and after baby, and answer any questions about pain, function, or movement goals. They are also available to help screen symptoms to recommend if formal PT may be able to help! Please click on the link to schedule your virtual consult now:

Planning to Breastfeed?
We've Got a Resource For You!

With all the questions that come with a breastfeeding journey, Sarah Talbott has you covered. As our team’s lactation consultant, she’ll meet with you between 32-34 weeks of your pregnancy to discuss breastfeeding and any questions you may have.
Appointments: 952-249-2000
Personalized Weight Management Services

Did you know our team offers personalized weight management resources to patients who would like help managing their weight. Schedule a consult with a provider who will suggest strategies and weight loss medications, if appropriate, that can help get you back on the road to better health. Call and ask for an appointment with a weight management specialist: 952-249-2000.

Get to Know Our Waconia Clinic
Women living in or near Waconia understand its well-earned reputation as a warm community with next-level health care. Our ObGyn physician team is happy to live and work here too, providing well-woman, pregnancy, and after-baby care in a comfortable clinic environment conveniently located near the hospital and pharmacies. We deliver babies at Ridgeview Medical Center. Meet Drs. Ashley Andersen, Alesha Roach, Jennifer Smolinski, and Matthew Weinrich.

Well-Woman Annual Exam, Self-care Starts Today

Your annual well-woman visit is an important part of your self-care. It’s valuable in helping you stay on top of risk factors for disease, identifying medical problems before they start, talking about questions and concerns, and promoting a healthy lifestyle. We can’t wait to see you. Schedule your appointment today. 952-249-2000.

Refer A Friend or Family Member
We’re proud to tell you that 98% of our patients say they would refer a friend or family member to our women’s health team. If you’re happy with your care at OBGYN West, please share your experience with other women or scanning this QR code to leave a positive review.

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